As a speaker @ MES

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I was introduced to Sooraj Kenoth by Jain while attending DevCamp at VAST. I got an invitation from him to join the DevCamp2 conducted by SMC, ZYXTechnologies and fosscell@MES Engineering College.
I was a speaker in
1) Insignia @ GEC, Thrissur, Introduction to Audacity and Avidemux.
2) Extrico – Open House @ GEC , Thrissur, A hands-on workshop on Scilab and KStars.
3) Freezone – Freesoftware in Education @ GEC ,Thrissur, Scilab in Engineering.
and today I went to MES with Sreelakshmy and delivered a session on Introduction to basic tools like indent, diff, patch and basics of git there.I never expected I could give a session on free software especially outside the college. But I was comfortable to handle the session maybe because of that the no. of participants was only about 15.Demonstrations by Mr Baiju , Mr Sooraj were interesting. The participants were very active and we formed a friendly group over there. I demonstrated Scilab for a few ECE students I met there during lunch break 🙂 . Thanks to Sooraj for giving me such an opportunity to be a part of such a friendly meet.


Hands on — Shell Programming

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Fosscell of our department conducted a hands on workshop on shell programming. It is quite usual to have a one day Introduction to FOSS for first year students.This time the idea of hands on workshop instead of usual talks was put forward. Congrats to Jain for this suggestion and to all those who together made it a memorable one.Though, it is more time consuming, the enthusiasm of the students to participate itself reveals that it is a more effective way. The audience really had the spirit and it was a fun to help them out.

Robotics Club

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Robotics Club inaugurated on 15/11/10 at GEC, Thrissur. We had a session by Prof. Sreekanth on Introduction to Robotics and Serpentine Robots, which was his research topic. I liked his definition “Robotics is the ultimate form of performing Engineering”. Though it is late, it is really nice to have a robotics club in college. Hope this give more exposure to the students who are interested in this field.

Video download

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Today one of my friend complained that you tube video downloads are difficult in GNU/Linux systems. I personally like Mozilla Firefox’s add-on ‘UnPlug’ than youtube-dl which provides a command line interface.
Open Firefox->Tools->Add-ons
Search for UnPlug and install it to download videofiles without streaming them.
Open the video file, click Tools->UnPlug , click download.

BSNL 3g and broadband conflicts eachother

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Recently I got a bsnl 3g net setter and installed Join_Air to access it in ubuntu10.04(lucid). We can connect bsnl 3g or 2g with these configurations but bsnl broadband will fail to connect. To use bsnl broadband, backup the file /etc/ppp/options and delete it. You can connect bsnl net setter later on by restoring the file.

Foss in Education

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One of the memorable event on life was to be in stage at 10th september 2010 at Tagore Hall , Calicut while RMS delivering his speech.I was accompanied by my friends Sneha , Farzin and Rahul. Me and Sneha were at NIT Campus for next two days attending National Conference on Free Software in Education.
Event started with an introduction to free software.In next few sessions discussions were on how free software helps in education and the necessity to see the masters code. The talks dealt with issues like vendor locking in softwares , which hinder education .
The afternoon sessions demonstrated the free software applications in education.The idea of studios instead of class rooms presented by Nagarjuna sir was interesting and such methodologies will surely make education systems more efficient.My first talk on free software was about audacity and I had a luck to hear the session on it directly from Juan Carlos(#experience).
For the first time in my life,I got an opportunity to see ‘kalaripayattu’ a traditional martial art of Kerala.
There was a session on Scilab, SAGE, Python by Prabhu Ramachandran sir, which I enjoyed a lot may be because he discussed something familiar to me. The sessions gave introduction to free software application which aids Engineering Education like Turtle Graphics,GRASS, QUCS ,KTechlab etc which are really helpful.The session by Krishnakant sir was really inspiring.
The idea of studio based education was later demonstrated using sugar labs and was an awesome session. It really reveals the necessity to change the education system and I felt that there should be more authorities also over there to hear it.We attended a session by National Mission on Education through ICT which opened up a great collection of resources to ponder.
All together the sessions was really nice and I should thank Prof.Sasi ,Prof.Mohandas, coordinators and volunteers for giving us such a great opportunity.

Migrating to Ubuntu,net connection

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1) If you are having a broadband connection,please follow instructions on
2)If you are using a mobile broadband, follow the instructions on
3)If you are using a net-setter or you are not able to configure your device with Network manager, you can use wvdial

    Plug in and connect your device to PC
    $sudo apt-get install wvdial
    $sudo apt-get install pppd
    $sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf
    This will genarate configuration file with information about your modem
    $sudo vi /etc/wvdial.conf

[Dialer Defaults]
Init1 = ATZ
Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
Modem Type = USB Modem
; Phone =
ISDN = 0
; Password =
New PPPD = yes
; Username =
Modem = /dev/ttyACM0
Baud = 460800

    This is a sample of file genarated.Remove semicolon from lines Phone,Password,Username and fill in the details.Save your changes and exit from the editor
    Run wvdial
    Disconnect by pressing Ctrl+C

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