I used Linux IT@school about three years back.Of course,I didn’t feel it user friendly and I quit it.Last year,I attended fsugtsr meeting and realized the opportunities that I left behind.I used ubuntu thereafter and I know that Gnu/Linux is providing more exciting looks.

While I was studying in 10th,I first came across the need of page source while editing web pages.Gnu/Linux provides a great opportunity for those who are willing to work.

The first question that arise is “Why should we use Gnu/Linux if we are able to work satisfactorily in Windows?”.I would like to ask,” why should we use Windows if we are sure that once we will expertise enough to modify even an OS?”.

I don’t blame windows.I too started using system in windows itself.But,we must realize that the freedom extended by Gnu/Linux for advanced research is far better than in proprietary software.