I joined systers about a month back.It is a community to promote women in technology.It is a nice experience to be a part of such a friendly community.I personally encourage all female students to join the community and hope they will definitely love it.

Normally systers mailman is setup on mailman installed from source on Ubuntu8.04LTS.Now we have a script to set it up on Ubuntu9.10.While setting up systers mailman in Ubuntu9.10,I encountered a funny behaviour.Try installing mailman with “sudo aptitude install mailman”. On configuring, you will get notification of language settings in mailman followed by a list of languages.I tried almost all the keys to select a language out of list and all resulted in running the notification window and the list alternately.I didn’t find a solution from google engine. I got a variety of suggestions about what might have caused the bug and I experimented to give away those chances. Finally, svaksha who also got the same problem earlier and spent a lot of time over this funny behaviour like me gave the solution(use space bar).It was hilarious and we were adviced to have an entry about it in mailman faq.

If you ever happen to come across a list similar to one attached below use ‘space bar’ to select one out of it .