Today, the two day robotics workshop ended successfully.The workshop was conducted in CCF at GEC,Thrissur by Li2-innovations ( on behalf of the placement cell of the college.
I am extremely happy to write a post on this event because I was the student coordinator of the event.It was not a huge event. Just fourteen groups and that is 42 students.But I am happy about it because it is the first event that I am coordinating. How I became the coordinator is the funny part.In February,one of my friends told me that this workshop will be conducted on Nehru Engineering College and I decided to attend it.But the workshop dates clashed with my exam dates and I quit the idea. I called a friend to know the next venue of the workshop and got the contact details of Bharat (coordinator of workshops in colleges of Kerala,I suppose). He contacted me and told that if I could coordinate the event, they like to conduct it in our college.I decided to try it because if I am supposed to goto some other college to attend the workshop, I need to bother about my and my friend,s accommodation any such issues.Later,I contacted Jayanand Sir (Placement Cell Officer) and started the works, not going in to details.It includes stuffs like publishing posters, getting permissions, publicising among students, collecting fees and so on.
We postponed the event from 26th and 27th June to 3rd and 4th July and I had to redo all the works. We had the groups ready, and then I met Rinson ,my senior who had contacts with Raghav of Li2-innovations.Jayanand Sir played a key role to make the program a success. It was a very nice experience to see the students actively participating in the event. I am too happy now as I got responses from students who attended it that they liked the event and will surely participate such events in future also.

As a beginner to the field of robotics, I liked the event a lot. Raghav gave an introduction about anatomy of robots, micro controllers,programming stuff,building line follower robots etc and we started followed by Saketh’s sessions on line follower robots. In the following sessions we built clap sensor robots and all the other five.The sumo competing robotic session was really a fun.

The unforgettable part of the event is that it started at 10.45am where it was supposed to be started at 9.00am yesterday.Bharat told me that he is not coming for the workshop and I didn’t had direct contact with Raghav who is supposed to come at that time.Infact it was the mistake of Indian Railways. But, it was a bit difficult to make all participants wait for one and a half hours but most of the partcipants(almost 11 groups) was my friends itself.
Anyhow I am so happy that the event was useful to the participants and it was a fun filled environment. I forgot to mention my group members Rincen and Shibin, both were very friendly, cooperating and the hacking session together with them was marvellous.

I should thank Pramode Sir also for motivating me to go ahead.I like to thank members of Li2-innovations,Jayanand Sir, participants and all my friends who helped me to have such a nice experience.