Video download

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Today one of my friend complained that you tube video downloads are difficult in GNU/Linux systems. I personally like Mozilla Firefox’s add-on ‘UnPlug’ than youtube-dl which provides a command line interface.
Open Firefox->Tools->Add-ons
Search for UnPlug and install it to download videofiles without streaming them.
Open the video file, click Tools->UnPlug , click download.


BSNL 3g and broadband conflicts eachother

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Recently I got a bsnl 3g net setter and installed Join_Air to access it in ubuntu10.04(lucid). We can connect bsnl 3g or 2g with these configurations but bsnl broadband will fail to connect. To use bsnl broadband, backup the file /etc/ppp/options and delete it. You can connect bsnl net setter later on by restoring the file.